Thursday, May 27, 2010


guess whos back??

I know i really should be studying rite now but i have short attention span (it shud be classified as a disorder if u ask least i would have an excuse everytime i looked spaced out)

Anyway its been a while since i updated my blog

so first things first

let me introduce my devastatingly handsome bf......

His name is NEYO.Im sure a few of you know him.i know this is a bad bad pic of him.But this just to prove a point that loove is blind and i think since he has such an amazing voice i shudn't be too concerned with his looks.

Anyway this is a song we wrote together.Its titled TOGETHER (duh!)

isn't it just romantic?

p/s: sorry for being extremely lame.temporary exam insanity(i hope its not permanant!)

i hope you are pleasantly suprise christina.I updated my blog specially for you

till next time =)

Monday, September 7, 2009


o gosh,wat a frustrating week.only now i i truly appreciate my car even with all d problems it was giving me.its even worse without one.i miss driving! n i actually hated driving last time.imagine.i guess it makes me feel i cant even go n do my eyebrows !
and ya i just realized dat i miss christina.its been like week since i saw her?
n we use 2 hang out together everyday.but its kinda hard for me 2 go out at d moment.and since my hse is quite far away i dont like asking ppl 2 come n fetch me all d way either.
so till i get a new car i guess my outings will be hopefully i'll get it soon.
*fingers crossed*

Sunday, August 30, 2009

when it rains,it pours

Have you guys ever heard of the expression 'when it rains,it pours'?

well thats how things is with me at the a neverending circle of bad luck.

well latest latest is that my car did it to me again.stopped in the middle of d d heavy rain

at 1st i thought it was because of my petrol-i was actually on my way to fill up my my friend came and we went to the petrol station to buy petrol.well half of it spilled on my hand when i was trying 2 fill was still raining mind u.but still no car just refused to start.

anyway had to wait for the foreman and guess what,he said my timing belt putus and it will cost at least 500 to a 1000 bucks to repair it.which i think is a total waste since im already getting a new car soon.

so now im officially without a car till my new car comes.i just wished my car could have waited another week or so before acting up

Anyway luckily my friend gurveena was with me in the car.n when the car stopped she just bursted out laughing.she said"anna ur car is just classic".so we were just sitting in the car for like about 2 hrs.waiting for the foremen n the tow truck the arrive.its always better when we have someone with us when this kind of things least we know we are not alone.

so i guess what im trying to say no matter how bad things may be,there will always be a a way to bear with it.God will only let you go through things he knows you can handle;)

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

back to life!

woohoo finally found my way back 2 my blog!abandoned it 4 so long.but i would like 2 call it hibernating.a much needed rest.christina would get a heart attack i think after noticing that i finally updated my blog.she has been pestering me for ages!so guess back.

this past few mths had its many ups n downs.actually more downs then up.all i can say is im so grateful for all the ppl i have in my family and frens are just so times like this you learn to appreciate what u have in your life instead of whats missing in it.

anyway thats all for now.don't miss me too much;)

Thursday, May 7, 2009


hey ppl im back!!
its been ages since i blogged.its not because i am that busy just that i am super lazy.neway i celebrated my bday last week.n i had a great time.thanks for all d free dinner n lunches.if there is one thing i love its u guys really made my week;).n thanks christina,serena,pin jun,abel,gavin,vemal and jian you(i dunno how 2 spell) 4 d mng bag..i really love it!! it.i know u all kesian me rite.carrying d same old bag.sudah koyak all n i cant seem 2 find anything in but junk!hahaha.i'll try not 2 do that 2 my new bag k;)
neway thats all for now.i promise my new post won't be too long away;)

Monday, April 13, 2009

the sweetest thing

Happy easter!!
its been quite a will since i updated my blog. n thanks 4 all d messages in my cbox.i'll reply once i figure out how 2 do it;)

anyway 2day as i was driving to college,i realized halfway that smoke was actually coming out of my car bonet!i mean my car is memang weird but this was freakky! so had to drive back home and take it to d mechanic..d mechanic checked and told there was nothing wrong with d car-(correct me if im mistaken but isn't smoke coming out of the bonet an indication that something is INDEED wrong?)-maybe i just imagined it or something...if thats d case there must be something seriously wrong with me!

n my 2 year old neice told me this as she was trying 2 persuade me 2 follow her back to kl-"aunty anna i will buy for u a big car"
isnt that d sweetest thing u ever heard?
well it was for me;)

Friday, April 3, 2009

ohh crap!

ok its official.i absolutely hate my new just somehow looks wrong on me.o well cant do much about it now.d bright side of this is that my hair grows really fast so cant wait 4 that to happen!so much for changing and a whole new me crap rite?LOL.Well thats just me im fickle moment i'll be so fired up about something and couldn't care less the next.

its both a good and bad habit.the good thing is i'll be so stressed up and worked up about stuffs and i can just forget about it soon after.d bad part is it just makes me super super lazy.d easiet example would b my mum says it looks lik a pig sty.but i beg 2 differ.i think it looks more like those bangladeshi workers squatters;).my mum also tried 2 scare me by saying that rats n snakes could give birth in my room n i wouldn't even know just doesn't work la coz i know even the rats would be too terrified 2 come into my room(nice try ma!)

actually its not all that bad.there r so many of my frens who stayed over n they look perfectly fine to me-no diseases n stuff

sorry just got carried away.i didn know what 2 write today n just decided 2 start crapping(thats d only thing that i can say proudly that im good at)

so wait for my next post-might have something wayyyyy more interesting than this-but somehow i highly doubt it;)